Eclectic Affinity

A lifestyle blog chronicling the adventures of an artist, designer, jewelry-maker, and entrepreneur.

I used to have separate blogs for each facet of my business. It got crazy to keep up with each, so I merged them into one. Formerly, the name “Eclectic Affinity” went alongside the jewelry I make; however, the first time I used the phrase was actually within the bio of my first and former blog to describe my preference for writing about multiple interests. It fit so well to make the transition to that as the name of a new blog on a new domain where Jacquelyn Arends Design, Charm Design Studio, and Bluebird Finery could all intersect. There I can blog about interests that range from painting, jewelry making, image editing, illustration, organization, sewing, natural living, creative lifestyle tips, recipes, tutorials, product recommendations, printables, computer arts, business tips, technology, and things going on in my studio. The creative side to those endeavors is reflected in the tools showcased in the logo icon itself. The icon is also modular in being able to be used as just the monogram for things like social media avatars, image watermarks, etc.




Graphic Design, Logo Identities