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Bluebird Finery

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Bluebird Finery

Celebrate every day with sophisticated, artisan jewelry made in contemporary and vintage-inspired designs!

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Green Vintage Necklace | Bluebird Finery
Vintage look earrings | Bluebird Finery
Learn how to make a jewelry head pin on Eclectic Affinity
Orange Earrings | Bluebird Finery
What I Do

Create & Teach

I really like to create. I do a lot of that in my job. Designing jewelry is a creative escape from some of my other endeavors when ideas need time to simmer. When the joy in that process gets too overtaken by the minutia of taking orders, creating invoices, and making multiple trips to the post office…the joy starts to get sucked out for me. Teaching others how to create beautiful jewelry is one way for me to exist in that joy without being sucked into the minutia.

Where to Find More

The Designs & Tutorials

You can find finished designs at Bluebird Finery and tutorials for designs and general jewelry making at my blog.

Lavender Earrings | Bluebird Finery
Antique Brass Necklace | Bluebird Finery