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About Jacquelyn

By day, I'm a designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur. By night, well, who am I kidding; it's the same thing. No, really, though. After years of exhausting, bloodshot hustle as an entrepreneur, I'm doing what I can to embrace deep breaths, long books, and giggles with my family.
The Who

Who I Am

Hi! My name is Jacquelyn. I’m an experienced designer and illustrator. I’m interested in projects that include the following:

– Surface design and repeated patterns for stationery, fabric, and giftware
– Typography and hand lettering
– Illustration for books, covers, and editorial art
– Home decor

If there’s a project you’re interested in that isn’t on that list, I love new ideas!

When I’m not creating, learning, reading, drawing, or answering emails, I’m running around with my mister and my munchkin.

The What

What I Do

I hold a BFA in art with concentrations in graphic design and ceramics. (Admittedly, the latter concentration seemingly has little to do with the first, but it more than anything else was able to get me to think more abstractly than other mediums had up until then, something very much related to design.)

I design, illustrate, make things, come up with new ideas, and between all that I blog about some of what I do. If you’re interested in collaborating, check out my contact page!

Jacquelyn Arends - Designer, Illustrator, Entrepreneur
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The How

My Process

At its core, design is about problem solving, or rather, solution finding. It’s important to me to see the various facets of something to best discover the solution that satisfies the most pressing needs. Experience lends itself to being able to identify those solutions more quickly and to meet deadlines in an efficient manner.

(Also, sometimes my process includes chocolate chip cookies, but few things seem worse off for there being cookies.)