Food Illustrations by Jacquelyn Arends, © Charm Design Studio, LLC.

Farmers’ Market

Food illustration for a repeated surface design. The illustrations are also able to be incorporated as stand-alone illustrations for other designs as well....

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At What Cost illustration; © Jacquelyn Arends

At What Cost?

A name brand epinephrine auto-injector made headlines for a while. As they’re prone to do, headlines fade. It’s difficult, however, to forget what the implications of those news stories (about everything from questioning product quality to company values) mean for people and their families in...

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A Little Bit Crunchy pickle tote bag; © Charm Design Studio

A Little Bit Crunchy

Eating real, unprocessed foods has become more than a niche market, it's a lifestyle for a large and rapidly growing portion of the population. This set of original drawings and text is a fun and eye-catching way to share one's crunchy sense of humor and...

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Deep Breaths Sold Separately illustration; © Jacquelyn Arends

Deep Breaths Sold Separately

Act now! For a limited time offer, purchase your very own 21st century, busy action figure skilled in juggling multiple tasks encompassing a wide variety of skills....

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